About Coyote’s Song

A Gift to the Kansas City Community

Hoop Dance, Modern Dance, and Color Guard developed around elements of story telling and music.

What We Do

Coyote’s Song uses environmental issues as the subject for our dances to teach members of the community about the concerns in a fun and memorable way. After writing a children’s story based on a green theme, in collaboration with ArtPlay, we read the story to children at Operation Breakthrough and the Rose Brooks Women’s Shelter. From the story, children are encouraged to draw characters, act out scenes and create imagery for the production using nothing more than their individual creative inspiration. Our set design team, costume team, and choreography team use the children’s feedback to develop the essence of the production. The production is taught to a different group of children, ages 10-18, who will have the opportunity to perform the dance in front of members of the Kansas City community. This years grand production will be performed at StoneLion Puppet Theatre’s Green Festival on May 1st, 2010, at Wyandotte High School in Kansas City.

What We Believe

We believe in education through experience, and awareness by providing positive role models for the community. Through the power of dance, this production conveys to people of all ages and backgrounds the message of positive hope, positive change and positive community. Help us get children of the community involved in this beautiful cause; celebrating
the community and the environment through dance.


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